We live on a finite planet, one limited in resources. Through our garden designs, we do all we can to minimise our environmental impact. We also aim to help our clients minimise theirs through recycling, composting and regeneration.

Healthy soil

In a sustainable landscape design, healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy garden, family and ecosystem.


Our garden designs sit at the intersection of landscaping and farming, improving the quality of your food by reducing your food miles.

Biological balance

By working with nature, rather than against it, we can restore, renew and revitalise the cycles of nature in your garden.

Conserve water

We’ll advise you on how to best care for your garden with watering regimes and correct plant selection.

Native Plants and Trees

Planting native plants and trees are some of the best ways to work with, rather than against, nature. Our sustainable landscape design includes matching plant species to your particular area so you will have plants and trees that take less care and energy and will be healthier than exotic species. Another benefit is that native birds, insects, and other wildlife have evolved with native plant species and are able to use the fruits, nectars and habitat these plants and trees provide.

Tree species are threatened with extinction (fauna-flora.org)

Species are listed as critically endangered (fauna-flora.org)