Timbah Wine Bar Worm Wee

I had this idea last year when I was trying to sell in the idea of worm farms to Tim. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of making it something a bit more than your run of the mill worm wee. Why not make it a product that fits in with the business itself?

Worm Wee
Our fabulous Worm Wee product

I love worm farms – they illustrate so much of what permaculture is about, or the permaculture principles if you will. In accordance with this, we are using empty bottles from the wine bar and just placing a label over the existing one and replacing the cap – gotta love these newfangled caps!

There were a number of goals I had in mind when considering producing a Worm Wee product:

  • I intend to raise awareness of the garden above Timbah as it is not really talked about much by its owners.
  • It will also help them to see the value of the garden, the worms, and be able to “obtain a yield” that will help them pay me :)
  • In addition, I want this worm wee to have a certain appeal and to make it ‘attractive’- to try and remove some of the stigma that is associated with worm farms and gardening in general. “It’s all natural folks, worms are our friends, they’re not icky!”
Worm Wee in a Wine Bottle
Worm Wee in a Wine Bottle
  • Furthermore, by putting a price on it I am making a statement: This stuff has value! Almost everyone that eats most likely throws this stuff out. Why not recycle it? If you want to throw it away then you can buy some of this at a premium. We must learn to put a value on nutrients and real food.

The ‘cost of cheap’ and the race to the bottom is going to bite us all on the ass real hard, real soon.

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