Teaching students

Forestville Montessori School

Our program partnered with Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation, teaching children ecology, plant health, and food preparation.

At Forestville Montessori School, we cultivated more than just plants - we grew a thriving educational ecosystem.

From 2013 we worked closely with students at Forestville Montessori School 

Seed2Plate: our edible gardening program

Launched in 2017, our Seed2Plate program brought the garden-to-table concept to life: 

  • Teaching children valuable lessons in ecology, plant health and food preparation
  • Children learnt how food travelled from ‘seed to plate’ through a partnership with Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation
  • Hands-on learning: students sowed seeds, nurtured plants, and harvested fresh produce 
  • Sustainable practices: teaching composting and eco-friendly gardening techniques 
  • Culinary adventures: children learnt to prepare nutritious meals from their harvest 

Cultivating knowledge beyond the garden 

Our school vegetable garden isn't just about growing food - it's about growing minds: 

  • Cross-curricular connections: we integrated gardening with science, math, history, and geography 
  • Ecological awareness: students gained firsthand experience in biology and ecology 
  • Life skills: children developed patience, responsibility, and teamwork 

Creating a community space 

In 2019, we designed a dwell space: 

  • Vertical garden installation: a space-efficient addition to the school entrance 
  • Community connection: we created a welcoming outdoor space for parents and guardians to gather 

Ongoing maintenance 

Contact us if you’d like help establishing a school vegetable garden for your primary or high school. Encourage your child's curiosity to blossom alongside their plants, and foster a lifelong love for nature, healthy eating, and sustainable living. We're not just teaching gardening - we're growing the environmentally conscious leaders of tomorrow.


Planting plan

Steve had the patience of a saint during the landscape design of Forestville Farm. There were quite a few random "new ideas" I threw at him, but he always made it work.

Emily W.

Steve's deep understanding of nutrition and cuisine delivered a comprehensive planting plan for my wicking bed.

Vicki H