We upcycled old wine barrels creating productve wicking planter boxes to transform this inner city rooftop into a kitchen garden.

We designed wicking garden beds made from upcycled wine barrels

Over a post-work beer, on owner Tim’s wine bar rooftop, (for context, Tim had recently seen Food Inc), Tim and Steve hatched a plan to use the wine bar rooftop space by building a kitchen garden.

The wicking garden beds were made from upcycled wine barrels on castors and the kitchen garden was designed to use the organic waste from the restaurant and put it through several worm farms, to feed the garden.

We even bottled our very own Timbah Worm Wee which was then sold in the bottle shop.


Garden design
Planting plan

Steve had the patience of a saint during the landscape design of Forestville Farm. There were quite a few random "new ideas" I threw at him, but he always made it work.

Emily W.

Steve's deep understanding of nutrition and cuisine delivered a comprehensive planting plan for my wicking bed.

Vicki H