Chippendale Hotel

Designing a wall garden in an inner-city pub in Sydney.

The Garden Design Brief

The Chippendale Hotel came to Urban GreenSpace with a brief to refresh and revive their beer garden with a vertical garden installation. The hotel had received sponsorship from the Stockade Brew Co, to create a branded space.

The Garden Design Vision

The wall garden design drew inspiration from the Stockade Era materials of wood, copper and terracotta, to produce a creative and sustainable vertical garden that aligned with the Stockade Brew Co brand.

Recycled terracotta pipes were repurposed into vertical planters. Terracotta pots were hung and planted with creeping vines to create texture within the wall garden. Barrels were repurposed into circular timber sculptures, and copper pipes disguised an irrigation system, ensuring the garden was low maintenance.

Recycled fencing timber was used to create larger planters, and a recycled brick wall framed and enclosed the vertical garden space.


Vertical garden design

Steve had the patience of a saint during the landscape design of Forestville Farm. There were quite a few random "new ideas" I threw at him, but he always made it work.

Emily W.

Steve's deep understanding of nutrition and cuisine delivered a comprehensive planting plan for my wicking bed.

Vicki H