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Background (also an insight into the conception of Urban GreenSpace):

Timbah is a wine bar in Glebe that opened its doors in January, 2011. It is the hospitality arm of Glebe Liquor, a family owned business run by Tim and Louise Smith.

Glebe Liquor (or as some call it, “The Little Bottleshop in Glebe” or even “The Black Bottle Shop”) is a proudly independent (and very quirky) little bottle shop that doesn’t stock mainstream commercial wines, rather they stock a large variety of wines from small and boutique vineyards from Australia and beyond. Their selection of ‘clean’, biodynamic and organic wines, beers and ciders is better than any I’ve come across anywhere (although I don’t get out much and am incredibly biased.)

Here’s a couple of pics of some of their merchandising:

Glebe Liquor merchandise
Glebe Liquor merchandise
Glebe Liquor merchandise
Glebe Liquor merchandise

Timbah is a tapas wine bar with a character that reflects its owners and its Chilean head chef, Daph.

For a while I lived across the road and was able to see a sun-drenched upstairs courtyard above the wine bar. I looked in envy – even though our balcony was sunny in the afternoons, this had all day sun and very little of the wind that we copped on the 7th floor (it made mincemeat of my potatoes and tomatoes!) An idea worked its way into my head.

After being retrenched in October and with nothing doing on the job front in January, I decided to hit Tim up for a job in the kitchen at Timbah. He agreed to give me a go as a kitchen hand.

One night we both went up onto the courtyard and had a chat. We sat down and Tim talked about having seen Food Inc and buying the DVD for his kids to watch. I told him about going to see Joel Salatin talk a few weeks prior. We talked about Permaculture, worm farming, aquaponics, food security and the lunacy of desalination.  Then I hinted at my idea.

“You know, this place would make a great herb garden for the restaurant…”

From there, the idea took hold and we discussed how it might happen and what it might look like. Tim had a great idea to use wine barrels from family friends in SA.

The more I thought about it, the more the concept of a business formed in my mind. Use the organic waste from the restaurant to feed the garden, use some of the other waste to build it and divert it away from landfill. I told Tim I could design and build the garden. He agreed to let me do it.

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