Through a consultative landscape design process, we aim to create a beautiful thriving garden that meets your brief. This may involve one or all of the following stages.


Garden design and planting process



Every garden or growing space is unique, just as every client is unique. We take a holistic approach to your landscape design. We’ll meet with you in person to understand the site, the surrounding landscape and local flora and fauna, and we’ll discuss how the space could be designed to enhance your lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

At this stage, we’ll document the broad scope of work, available budget and any risks or constraints. After this initial site visit, we’ll deliver a written brief for the project. Some briefs may only include concept drawings and a planting plan, while others might require a full landscape design, construction and ongoing maintenance. We can work to any budget.


Functional drawing

This is typically a hand-drawn overlay of an existing survey or scale drawing to allow us to understand your proposed use of spaces, from front to backyard, within a small courtyard or around a driveway. It documents how you intend to move around the garden design and it helps us to understand your lifestyle better.


Concept drawing

This stage usually involves one or sometimes two concept drawings which are scale drawings of proposed ideas and concepts for the site, overlaid on an existing survey or scale drawing. A concept may include photos of finishes, features and styles of plantings as we refine what suits your brief best.


Landscape drawing

This is a detailed scale drawing outlining the garden structure, agreed features, hardscapes and plantings. This can include elevations (a side view) and can be used by the construction team and also by the local council for development approval if required. This enables us to provide a quotation for the construction.


Planting plan

This defines the design lay out for specific plants and includes a list of plants and their pot size. We differ from other companies as we select plants for more than aesthetic value but also their uses and function in the landscape and ecosystem, as well as for edible and nutritional value, for your health and wellbeing.

Bring the beauty of nature into your life.